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Jasmine Pearl

Jasmine Pearl

Jasmine Pearl

Spice 101 is our series that will make you brave, then crave, a spice or blend you’ve never tried before — and offer enough tips and recipes to get it off your pantry shelf, and into your plate.

Jasmine Pearl tea is your new best friend. 💚🌿


The use of fresh jasmine flowers to scent green tea is estimated to date back to the South-Song Dynasty in China during the thirteenth century. Although green, black, and white teas are scented with jasmine, green tea remains the most popular. Jasmine Pearl tea was originally reserved as a drink for the Emperor, and is still known in some markets as “Emperor’s Tea” today.


Jasmine pearls are hand-rolled from early spring, high elevation tea harvests. These individually made pearls are then dried and scented with fresh night-blooming jasmine blossoms to create a singular flavor that is exquisitely floral, delicate, and sweet. 

Why We love It

This tea is the closest you’ll find to pure joy in beverage form. The floral aroma and sweet grassy flavor are so uplifting and so delightful they can turn around even the glummest of mornings and make a good day even better. The pearls can be brewed in a short, hot infusion, or cold brewed overnight for a light and refreshing iced tea . 

From our staff herbalist:

Combine with roses, chamomile, and a dab of honey to lighten your heart and lift your spirits.


Raspberry Pearl Sherbet and Cava Float

Sumac Strawberries with Jasmine Pearl Pound Cake

The More You Know
  • Green tea should be steeped for 2 - 5 minutes at around 185°F for optimal flavor 
    • Don't have the equipment to measure water temperature? No problem. Just bring your water to a boil, take off the heat, and let it sit uncovered for 8 minutes, then steep your tea.
  • This tea can (and should!) be re-steeped up to four times for an evolving taste experience
  • Because the tea pearls are made of whole, rolled leaves you can leave them loose in your cup to watch the magic as they unfurl

Easily steep your pearls with this travel tea infuser.

Jasmine Pearl