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Citrus • Floral Caffeine-Free
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Tangy and subtly sweet, Hibiscus flowers are commonly used in teas and infusions. Almost cranberry-like in flavor, with a rich, deep red color, Hibiscus shines as a refreshing ice tea, agua fresca, or infused in simple syrup for cocktails such as a Hibiscus Margarita or Tangy-Tart Cosmo.

Traditionally, steeped petals are added to sauteed onions in tacos and enchiladas. Hibiscus is also used in sauces and marinades, especially for game, and in all manner of deserts including cakes, meringues, and tea cookies.Brewing Instructions: Steep 2-3 teaspoons per 8oz cup at 210°F for 5-6 minutes
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