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Spice 101 is our series that will make you brave, then crave, a spice or blend you’ve never tried before — and offer enough tips and recipes to get it off your pantry shelf, and into your plate.

Middle East


True Cinnamon, Cumin, Indian Coriander, Cardamom, Roses, Vietnamese Cinnamon, Black Pepper. Salt-free!


Also known as Persian 7 Spice.

Smooth, subtle, and certainly sultry, our Advieh spice blend leads with cinnamon and follows with roses for an ethereal flavor. Commonly used in rice dishes, stews, grilled meats, and even desserts, Advieh adds depth and warmth to various Middle Eastern and Persian-inspired recipes.

Why We Love It

Truly one of the most sniff-worthy spice blends we sell!

And, critically, it's also easy to use. Stir some into plain yogurt for a quick marinade for lamb or chicken. Mix it with olive oil to coat your favorite roasted vegetables or get a little adventurous and substitute it for cinnamon the next time you're making banana bread.

Recipes We Recommend

The More You Know

In certain regions, Advieh is utilized to add a unique and aromatic twist to tea and coffee. Variations in Advieh blends exist among different families and regions, sparking debates about the best ways to use it and who creates the most impressive version.

While its exact origin date is unknown, its roots can be traced back to the Silk Road. By the 6th century BC, exotic spices like cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon reached Persia, laying the foundation for spice blends like Advieh.

Try something new! Please share your kitchen adventures and review your spice after purchase.

- Jamie