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Kaffe Baharat

$19.95 USD

We're beyond excited to introduce you to our newest partner, Chef Tarik Abdullah (aka Cooka T) and his new blend, Kaffe Baharat, a coffee-infused concoction inspired by Seattle's vibrant food scene and Tarik's love for Middle Eastern flavors.

Based in the heart of Seattle, Chef Tarik is well-known for his Lumen Field food stand, Cooka T's Kitchen (offering the "best vegan options in Lumen Field" by Eater Seattle), as well as Feed the People, a community-driven initiative focusing on food and youth development programs.

Now after years of requests, Tarik has crafted a coffee-infused blend in collaboration with Seattle's own Boon Boona Coffee.

This blend is perfect for lamb meatballs, grilling steak, or as a tasty companion for sheet pan veggies.

Fun Fact: Our blend has a playful twist on the English pronunciation and the Arabic word for coffee! In Arabic, it's 'القهوة' (pronounced as 'al-qahwa'). On another note, 'Baharat' is the Arabic term for 'spices' in English.


Nova Coffee from Boon Boona Roaster's, Turmeric, Urfa Biber, Ancho Chile Flake, Indian Coriander, Black Peppercorn, Hungarian Paprika, Toasted Cumin

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