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Dreamy Nights Sample Flight

$15.00 USD

A collection of caffeine-free teas to send you off to sweet dreams. 

  1. ChamomileChamomile is the queen of calm and the original bedtime tea. Add a spoonful of honey and let cares fall away.
  2. Floral Sonnets: A sweet melody of floral voices to smooth out the rough edges of  your day and get you in the mood to snooze.
  3. Honeybush: Simple, subtly sweet, and mild, honeybush is just right for a cozy night in. Pairs well with Mystic Licorice!
  4. Midnight Berry Tea: Juicy flavors and deep blue hues put a soothing enchantment in your teacup.
  5. Mystic Licorice Tea: This sweet and spicy tea will melt away your troubles and warm you from head to toe.

Each sample pack holds 2 tablespoons, allowing you to explore each new flavor before committing to a full pouch of spice.

Weight & Volume Equivalence

Our spices are sold in pouches sized for easy jar refilling at home.

On average, a small pouch is roughly a half a cup by volume.

On average, a medium pouch is roughly one cup by volume.