Curry Leaves

$7.99 USD

Curry leaves come from an Indian tree and are traditionally used fresh but are hard to find here in the US. The dried leaves are much milder and have a unique flavor that hints at nut butter and hay. The flavor of the dried leaves is incredibly subtle and enticing at the same time. Our first use of them was an infusion in ghee and the flavor had great appeal.

Use dried curry leaves to accent mild sauces and dishes where they can truly be appreciated and always be on the lookout for fresh ones in Asian markets. Curry leaves are a singular flavor not to be missed.Each bag contains 1/2 ounce of Curry Leaves
Weight & Volume Equivalence

Our spices are sold in pouches sized for easy jar refilling at home.

On average, a small pouch is roughly a half a cup by volume.

On average, a medium pouch is roughly one cup by volume.