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Chai Masala Set

$29.95 USD

Did you know “masala chai” means spiced tea in Hindi? Chai Masalas are spice blends traditionally brewed with black tea, and there are as many versions of chai masala as there are aunties who make it best. In this set, there are two traditionally-styled blends as well as our bestselling floral version that is sure to win your heart. We’ve also included a strong black tea to use as a base, so you have everything you need to enjoy some traditional and not so traditional versions of this ancient beverage at home. 

Fun Fact: 5000 years ago, when these masalas were first brewed, they were not paired with tea, but enjoyed on their own as warming and healing caffeine-free infusions. If you want to drink them that way, too, we promise not to tell on you.

Includes ready-to-use half cup pouches of:
Classic Chai
Pink Chai
Roast Chai
Jorhat Assam

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