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Heilala Vanilla Paste

Sweet • Floral
$20.99 USD

Heilala Vanilla Paste combines real vanilla bean seeds with pure vanilla extract to make a paste that adds both concentrated vanilla flavor and a speckled visual to all your recipes. Just one teaspoon can replace a whole vanilla bean!

We chose Heilala because their product is outstanding and their company is passionate about supporting vanilla farming families in Tonga through partnerships that build local community opportunities. The paste has only a hint of added sugar compared to other brands, and a bold vanilla flavor that comes from using whole beans.This 2.29oz jar contains: Vanilla Bean Extractives, Vanilla Bean Seeds, Sugar (5%), Natural Thickener (Carrageenan, 0.5%) | Ethically Hand-Picked in the Kingdom of Tonga, Polynesia (South Pacific) providing economic growth to the region. 
Weight & Volume Equivalence

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