Sassy Sample Flight


This sample flight is full of our sassiest flavors. Salty and bold, they might be exactly the sprinkle your favorite dish is missing. The flight includes:

  1. Svaneti Seasoned Salt: Experience the captivating essence of Georgian cuisine in one dynamic spice blend, boasting a harmonious fusion of caraway, coriander, fenugreek, Tellicherry black pepper, garlic, and chile, all artfully balanced on a foundation of exquisite sea salt.
  2. Voodoo: Unveil a spellbinding blend reminiscent of Gulf Coast enchantment, where whispers of coarse French sea salt, Aleppo pepper, and a touch of Voodoo magic converge, weaving a tapestry of flavor with onion, garlic, thyme, allspice, and mustard seeds on a base of peppercorns and sea salts.
  3. Garlic Salt: Unapologetically partial, this blend's bias is its strength—a daring dance between Californian garlic swagger and Italian sea salt finesse, with neither yielding. Infused with whispers of onion, white pepper, and Fines Herbs, it's a rebellious partner for garlic bread, mashed potatoes, soups, or a bold popcorn twist, spicing up even the edgiest rib-eye moments.
  4. Sassy Steak Spice: Defying convention, our Sassy Steak Spice channels untamed Latin American spirit, embracing chipotle's fire, Alderwood smoked salt's smolder, Mexican oregano's zest, and an unexpected rendezvous with long pepper, Urfa Biber, and Vietnamese Cinnamon, ensuring an admirer out of even the most skeptical palates.

Each sample includes 2 tablespoons of spice—just enough to discover if it could be your new favorite blend.

Weight & Volume Equivalence

Our spices are sold in pouches sized for easy jar refilling at home.

On average, a small pouch is roughly a half a cup by volume.

On average, a medium pouch is roughly one cup by volume.