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Nutmeg (Ground)

Floral • Warm • Sweet
$7.49 USD

GROUND nutmeg it available only to commercial clients. Not for retail sale / resale.

A classic topping for eggnog and lattes, Nutmeg is a natural with cream sauces and custards. Grate some into your next stone fruit dessert for a flavor explosion! Nutmeg works in savory dishes as welltry a little in your next chicken casserole or spinach dish.We only sell nutmeg in whole form because it loses flavor so quickly, and the difference between the freshly ground spice and the pre-ground variety is like night and day. The freshly ground nutmeg is incredibly rich, earthy and complextry it and you'll never look back! There are many grinders and graters on the market, but to make it easy our staff pick is the Microplane, which pulls double duty as a top-notch zester.
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