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ChefSteps Indoor BBQ Bark Builder

$19.95 USD
No smoker? No problem. This genius product from ChefSteps has got you covered- literally. Use ChefSteps’ Bark Builder as an under-layer with any rub to get that crusty, crunchy bark of real barbecue– even indoors. Barbecue pit or sous vide + oven? Nobody will be able to tell the difference. This modernist blend is like spice glue- sprinkle it on the meat and then add the spice to create magnificent bark. Each one cup jar is packed with a generous 6 oz measure of Bark Builder.

How To Use
Lightly moisten a protein or hearty vegetable by lathering or spritzing with bbq sauce, mustard, beer or juice.  Once moistened all over, lightly dust on the bark builder using a fine mesh sifter to evenly distribute a thin layer.  Let it absorb (generally this takes less than a minute) then generously  coat the protein with desired spice rub.

Flipping the bark builder coated protein is sticky business. Use tongs to avoid bald spots and spicy fingers.   

Isomalt, Nonfat Dry Milk Powder, Baking Soda, and Lemon Crystal

Weight & Volume Equivalence

Our spices are sold in pouches sized for easy jar refilling at home.

On average, a small pouch is roughly a half a cup by volume.

On average, a medium pouch is roughly one cup by volume.