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Nepalese Green

Vegetal • Herbal • Bitter
$16.99 USD

From the Guranse Estate in Nepal, we bring you a high mountain organic green tea with qualities as fresh as the mountain air. The leaves are slightly curly with silvery and light green tips. The delicate tea shines with elegance and character. This evolving green tea leaves you with a clean mouth feel that will have you going back sip after sip. The perfume is a tantalizing combination of sweet muscatel grape and vegetal ocean breezes. The flavor is mellow with notes of sesame, mild astringency, and a palate cleansing finish with hints of pine. This is a 4oz package.

Brewing Instructions: Steep 1 to 2  tsp per an 8oz cup at 170° F for 45 seconds for the first steep and up to 1 minute for your next steep. Enjoy up to 4 steeps!
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